Restaurant style butter chicken

Restaurant Style Butter Chicken Recipe

The origin of Butter Chicken recipe is from India. ‘Moti Mahal’ restaurant founders accidently made this recipe by mixing the left-over chicken in creamy tomato gravy with lots of butter. The original name of this recipe is ‘Murgh Makhani’, which means chicken cooked in butter. You can find a lots of variety recipes of butter …

Cooked penne pasta with tomatoes and coriander

Penne Pasta Recipe with Tomatoes

Today we are presenting you with an easy breakfast recipe using Penne Pasta and Tomatoes. Pasta is a very popular food and originated in Italy. Now a days Pasta is used almost every where in the modern world. There are different types of pasta available in the market. I have used ‘Penne’ Pasta in this …

chocolate chip pancake
Breakfast Recipes

Chocolate Chip Pancake Recipe

Today, I am presenting you an easy breakfast recipe idea – Chocolate Chip Pancake Recipe. This recipe is very easy to make and here you can see how to prepare and cook chocolate chip pancake. Some readers may never heard about pancake. The other names of the pancake is called hotcake, flapjack or griddlecake. If you …

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